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Why Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

When filing your Lockheed Martin workers’ compensation claim, the expectation is that it will be approved in good time and that your benefits will be paid. However, this isn’t always the case as there are instances that the claim may be denied. There are a number of reasons why your claim may have been denied, but you shouldn’t despair as you have the option to appeal with the help of your South Carolina workers compensation lawyer.

Reasons, Why Your Workers’ Compensation Claim, Was Denied

You Missed the Deadline

It is a requirement of the law that you report accidents at the workplace within 90 days. Once you fail to meet this requirement, your Lockheed Martin workers comp claim will not even go through to the investigations stage. It is for this reason that you should report to your employer, or have someone close to you do it, as soon as you can.

You Were Intoxicated At the Time of the Incident

In case you were drunk or under the influence of drugs when the accident happened your workers claim will be denied. If investigations show that you were not sober, it will be assumed that the injury was your fault hence you don’t deserve any benefits. It is important to note that this includes being drowsy as a result of medication especially if you were aware of the effects.

You Were Not Treated For Injuries

If you were not treated, then the insurance company will take it that there was no accident so your claim will be denied. In case you suffered injuries, and you weren’t treated by a certified medical practitioner, these are grounds for the insurance company to deny your claim. It will be easy for them to argue that you faked the entire incident so as to get the benefits.

If Your Employer Disputes

Your employer has the right to dispute your Lockheed Martin workers comp claim if they have proof. If they present proof that the accident either didn’t happen or all of it was your fault, you may not receive the benefits that you had expected. It is for this reason that you need your own witnesses to back up your claim and help from South Carolina workers compensation attorney.

Claim Filed While You No Longer Work in the Institution

If investigations show that you had an opportunity to file the workers’ compensation claim before you were fired or you quit the job, it is possible to have it denied. However, there are certain conditions that you can argue, with the help of your Fulton Barr Attorneys at Law lawyer such that your claim is approved even after being denied. This is why you need to hire a comp attorney as soon as possible.

When you receive the letter informing you that South Carolina Lockheed Martin workers comp case has been denied, the next step that you should take is to hire a lawyer. At Fulton Barr Attorneys at Law, you will get the finest workers’ compensation lawyer. He will go through the details of your claim, identify your problem and come up with a solution that will be used to file an appeal and ensure that you receive the benefits you are owed.