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Can I Choose My Own Workers’ Compensation Doctor for My Greenville Workers’ Comp Claim?

Workers' Comp Claim Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina If you’ve been injured on the job and are filing a workers’ comp claim , you may be wondering if you can pick your own doctor. You may already have a good relationship with a family physician, or perhaps you’re more likely to trust a doctor you pick yourself. Here are some frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation doctors and medical care.

Can I see any doctor I want during my workers’ comp claim?

The short answer: no.

Not if you want the visits and treatment to be covered by workers’ comp, that is. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission states that in order to receive benefits including compensation for surgery, hospitalization, and prescription medication, “you must go to the doctor chosen by your employer or its insurance representative.”

This means that your employer, or more likely, its insurance company, will choose not only the doctors you see, but also the facilities where you receive treatment.

What if I don’t like my workers’ compensation doctor and want a new one?

The SC Workers’ Compensation Commission suggests you contact your employer’s insurance company to request a different doctor. You also have the option of requesting a hearing with the Commission, which you can do by completing WCC Form 50. At the hearing, a Commissioner will listen to your complaint and make a determination.

What if the doctor they chose for me is far from my home?

Workers' Comp Claim Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina Take the first step toward filing your workers’ comp claim with help from
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You are entitled to reimbursement for travel to doctors and pharmacies if the round trip distance from your home is over 10 miles. As of January 1, 2017, the reimbursement rate is 53.5¢ per mile.

Can I go to my doctor in addition to the workers’ comp doctor?

Yes, you can, but be aware that workers’ comp won’t cover the medical bills, and it’s possible any other health insurance you have won’t cover it, either, since the injury or illness is covered under workers’ comp. In that case, you will be liable for paying all doctor and hospital bills yourself.

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