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When Do I Have To Return To Work After A Worker’s Comp Injury?

When do I have to return to work after a workers' comp injury Suffering injuries on the job will entitle you to worker’s compensation. While you will have the time you need to recover, it does not mean that you will be out of work forever in most instances. With most injury claims that are filed with the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission being minor, there is a time limit to when you have to return to work.

Understanding your rights under the worker’s comp program in South Carolina does not have to be a challenge. A Greenville, SC, worker’s comp attorney can help. They can not only help you file your injury claim, but they know the law for worker’s comp in South Carolina. They can advise you of when you need to return to work after an on the job injury claim.

As you are looking to recover from your workplace injury, you will need treatment from a medical doctor to care for your injuries. During this time, the doctor will continually evaluate your progress and determine when you have healed from your injuries. When your doctor clears you from the injuries that you have sustained, you will be released to work.

Returning to Work

At this time, you do need to return back to work. Failure to return to work after your doctor has cleared you could put your job in jeopardy. There are also instances when your medical doctor will release to work in a light-duty capacity. In these cases, you will have to return to work in a light-duty role.

This may mean that you work in another position at your employer that is not as physically demanding. You do not have the option to turn down a light-duty role under the worker’s comp program. It is your duty to return to work when your doctor releases you for duty, even if it means that you are working in a different position that you are unfamiliar with at work.

When you work with at your employer in a light-duty position, you will receive compensation for the difference of your pay for that job. Often times, light-duty work is paid at a lower compensation that your previous job position. Worker’s comp will cover a portion of the earnings that you have lost out on because of your injury working in a light-duty role.

Above all, you do need to listen to your doctor when they tell you that you are medically approved to go back to work. Your worker’s compensation will not extend beyond the timeframe of your recovery, and once your doctor approves you for work, your benefits will cease. If you are uncertain whether you are medically ready to return back to work, you need to speak to a worker’s comp lawyer in Greenville, SC, about your workplace injury case.

Can a South Carolina Workers Compensation Lawyer Help Me With My Workplace Injury Case?

A South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney can help you with your workplace injury case. They can help you file the necessary paperwork to claim your benefits and ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

When you hire a Greenville workers comp lawyer, you will get the legal advice you need to secure the maximum benefits for your injuries. They know the law for worker’s compensation and can help you get the time and compensation you need to recover after a workplace accident.

Your workers’ compensation attorney in Greenville, SC, will fight for your legal rights. They can answer your questions about your injury case. They will provide you with a consultation so that you can discuss your case without worry. Your workers’ compensation lawyer in Greenville can advise you of your legal right to worker’s comp and guide you through the entire process of securing benefits.

Let your Greenville workers’ compensation attorney work for you. They can get you the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries. They’ll fight for you. They will win our case and ensure you are able to recover from a workplace accident without financial stress.

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