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5 Things to Do Within 24 Hours of Being Injured at Work in Greenville

Lawyer when Injured at Work in Greenville, South Carolina There’s no time to delay when you have been injured at work. While you have two years to file a workers’ compensation claim in South Carolina, you have only 90 days to report an accident at work, and the sooner you start, the better. Though you are not obligated by law to do anything within the first 24 hours, there are good reasons why it’s smart to take action immediately.

Remember that your health and safety matter more to you than to anyone else. You need to be your own advocate and take matters into your own hands. Here are five steps to take after an accident or if you’ve been injured at work:

Seek Necessary Medical Treatment After Being Injured at Work

Not only will you be taking care of your own health, but you’ll be strengthening your case, too. By seeking treatment early you make it more difficult for your employer to later claim that your injury didn’t happen on the job. Request that your employer refer you to a doctor to evaluate/treat your work injury immediately. If your employer refuses to authorize necessary medical treatment, seek treatment on your own. If necessary medical treatment was sought after the employer refused to authorize care, an Order from the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission may be obtained in most cases. If you are having problems obtaining the treatment that you need, call Fulton & Barr, PA and make an appointment today.

Report Your Injury to a Supervisor Immediately

Injured at work? Fulton & Barr can help you file a workers’ compensation claim within the statute of limitations.

Soon after you’ve been injured, tell someone at your company who acts in a supervisory role (your boss or supervisor, or someone from Human Resources) about your injury. Remember that injuries that seem minor at first can become more serious later on, so it’s important to report every injury, even if it seems insignificant.

Get an Accident Report or Incident Report from H.R.

Make sure to get a report with details on what happened and KEEP IT FOR YOUR FILES. In fact, keep copies of ALL paper work related to the accident, most importantly all statements and work excuses from your doctor. DO NOT turn these documents over to your employer without keeping a copy of the file. Remember that you must report a workplace accident or injury within 90 days of occurrence, or you could lose your benefits.

Take the Time Now to Write Down Your Recollection

Record the details while they’re still fresh in your mind. You may need this information later on as your workers’ comp case develops, and if you rely on your memory alone, you may forget vital information. Write down exactly what happened, what time, what led up to the incident, and who witnessed it.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Your Situation if You’ve Been Injured at Work

Workers’ compensation cases can involve large amounts of money from medical bills and lost wages, and having an experienced attorney by your side can help improve your outcome. The experienced attorneys at Fulton & Barr offer free consultations, so there’s no risk to you to make an appointment.

What if you weren’t injured, but have developed an illness due to working conditions? Although workplace illnesses account for fewer claims than workplace injuries, many illnesses and conditions are eligible for compensation as they were caused by workplace conditions. Because illnesses take time to develop, you may wonder how timing factors in. It’s still important to follow the steps above: seek medical treatment, tell someone at work you suspect your illness is due to working conditions, and write down an account of how your illness developed and how it’s affecting your life. Consider contacting an attorney as a first step, though, as a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you decide how to proceed with your case.

Call a Greenville Workers’ Compensation Attorney if You Are Injured at Work

Have you been injured at work, or have you developed an illness you believe is related to your employment? Don’t delay – contact us today! Johnnie Fulton and Andrew Barr are experienced workers’ compensation attorneys serving the Greenville area who are ready to discuss your case. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling (864) 235-3154. Call today.