Will You Get South Carolina Workers Comp If You Were At Fault?

If you are injured while at work, you are entitled to South Carolina Workers Comp. It is provided by the law, and unless there is something not right about your claim, you should be given full benefits in a short period of time. A popular question among those who have work-related injuries is if they are still entitled to the benefits if the accident was partially or wholly their fault. One would assume that if they are at fault, they would not be in a position to file for Bosch workers comp but this isn’t always the case as your South Carolina lawyer can explain to you.

Are You Still Entitled To South Carolina Workers Comp If You Were At Fault?

Even if the accident that caused your injuries was your fault, you would still be right to file for Bosch workers’ comp. It is a no-fault compensation opportunity for workers so whether you caused the accident or not, as long as it was an accident, you can and should file for compensation. The entire point of the program is so that no one has to claim responsibility such that you as the employee can’t sue your employer and vice versa. It is seen as a win-win situation apart from some secluded instances that may find you ineligible for compensation.

Which Cases May Your Fault Render You Ineligible For Compensation?

If You Were On Drugs

In the case that you caused the accident because you were either intoxicated or drowsy, you may not be eligible for Bosch workers’ comp. This is usually proven through a drug test and any witnesses, and if found positive, it automatically disqualifies you from workers’ comp. Also, if the accident happened while you were behaving in a manner that is considered to be against the company’s policies you will not get compensated. However, if you were drowsy from prescribed drugs, your South Carolina workers comp lawyer can help argue your case and earn you the benefits you needed.

If It Was Caused By a Joke or Horseplay

If you started a joke or horseplay that in a way led to the accident, then you will be at fault and ineligible for compensation. Your employer will have to show proof that you were joking and playing while at work and because of this you caused the accident, which is not difficult to prove as there must have been other people involved.

If It Was Intentional

Investigation results that prove you intentionally caused an accident so as to get Bosch workers’ comp will ensure your claim is immediately denied, and it will be difficult to come up with a defense for the appeal.

The law is not completely black and white in all areas, which is why it is important to involve your South Carolina lawyer immediately after the incident whether or not it was your fault. Fulton Barr Attorneys at Law will give full attention to your case to ensure that you have a defense even when it seems impossible. Be honest when giving the details of what happened and your lawyer should come up with a way out of your situation and guarantee you Bosch workers’ comp.