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Should I Seek a Burn Settlement for My Injury in Greenville, SC?

Lawyer for Burn Settlement in Greenville, South Carolina Anytime you have a personal injury, it can be difficult to predict a good amount for your personal injury settlement in Greenville, SC – and this is especially true with burn injuries. The biggest factor to be considered in Greenville, South Carolina burn settlement amounts is the severity of the burn injury, the intention of the person responsible, and that person’s ability to pay a burn settlement. With the help of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Greenville, SC burn injuries tend to have higher amounts than other personal injury settlements due to the long and arduous recovery process, the likelihood of permanent scarring and ongoing pain.

How and Where Did Your Burn Injury Occur?

When you work toward reaching a burn injury settlement in Greenville, SC, both sides will go into the negotiation process based upon the amount they believe that you would be awarded in a trial situation. One of the questions that determines this amount is how and where the burn injury happened in the first place. This is important because the liability of the defendant (that is, the party responsible for the burn injury) can have a large effect on a burn injury settlement, or any Greenville, SC personal injury settlement.

Every burn injury case is unique, but burn injuries caused by faulty consumer products, arson and other forms of intentional burning, and burns due to negligence on the part of the defendant tend to see higher burn injury settlements in Greenville, South Carolina.

Punitive Damages in Your Burn Injury Case – Working with a Greenville South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Lawyer for Burn Settlement in Greenville, South Carolina Seek the damages you deserve by negotiating a burn settlement with help from the lawyers at Fulton & Barr of Greenville.

If the party responsible for your burns was acting intentionally or with “gross negligence” – that is, with a blatant disregard for the safety of yourself and/or others – then you may be able to seek punitive damages from that party. These are damages which are intended as a punishment against the defendant for acting in an irresponsible or reprehensible manner. In order for punitive damages to be effective, they need to be a large enough amount that the defendant feels the financial impact of having to pay. For this reason, wealthier defendants are typically required to pay higher amounts.

Punitive damages for intentional burns are almost certainly high, but punitive damages for gross negligence tend to be more difficult to predict. Not performing any safety testing on a product is one example of this. For instance, say you purchased an oven mitt which was unfortunately made of a flammable material. This unthinkably egregious amount of negligence could result in a high amount of punitive damages, while simply failing to apply a warning label to a product that could reasonably be considered flammable, such as a butane lighter, may result in a smaller burn settlement in Greenville, South Carolina.

Examples of Burn Injury Settlements in Greenville, South Carolina

Here are some common examples of the types of burn injury settlements often seen in South Carolina courtrooms. These cases were real, and may be able to help give you an idea of the value of your personal injury settlement.

Reach Out to a Greenville Personal Injury Attorney to Discuss Your Burn Settlement

If you have suffered burn injuries through the fault of another party, whether that party was grossly negligent, purposefully malicious, or simply careless, you could qualify for a burn injury settlement to help cover your medical costs and improve the quality of your life during recovery. Contact the Greenville burn injury attorneys at the law offices of Fulton & Barr today and let us examine the facts of your case. Your attorney will be able to help you to determine the true value of your case and will work hard to recover the personal injury settlement to which you are entitled.