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How Much Can I Receive for Second Degree Burn Settlements in Greenville, SC?

Burn Settlements Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it does a whole lot more than just cover our muscles and skeleton. Our skin is vital to heat regulation and helps keep bacteria and other microbes at bay. It’s important for the mechanical and physical protection of our muscular, circulatory, and nervous systems. As a result, burn injuries in Greenville, SC can be a serious detriment to a person’s overall health. Those that suffer from serious burns as the result of someone else’s negligence should seek burn settlements with the help of an attorney.

How Common Are Burn Injuries?

Every year, about half a million people in this country will experience a burn injury, and some of the most common among these are second-degree burn injuries. This figure, of course, is based upon the number of burn accidents which receive medical treatment, so the true number of burn injuries nationwide is almost certainly higher, as many less serious 1st degree burns are left untreated and heal on their own. A second degree burn injury in Greenville, South Carolina can be very painful, disturbing, and debilitating for a period of time. Even minor burns can produce agonizing pain for extended periods of time, and more serious burns including second-degree burns can result in hospital stays, skin grafts, permanent scarring, and long-term physical, mental, and emotional pain.

Determining Fault for Second Degree Burn Settlements in Greenville, SC

When it comes to burn settlements, you want a lawyer from Fulton & Barr on your side to help you get the full compensation you deserve.

In some cases, burn injuries are self-inflicted unintentionally. Others, however, are due to the fault of some other party, either due to negligence or malice. In the case of negligence, before you seek a personal injury settlement in Greenville, SC, it is good to determine exactly who is at fault for the injury. This is not always the business or facility in Greenville, South Carolina where the second-degree burn injury was suffered. If the burn was caused by faulty machinery or a malfunctioning tool, this equipment’s manufacturer might be the responsible party. Burns which result from a vehicle’s defect may fall under the liability of that vehicle’s owner, or its manufacturer, depending upon the circumstances of the failure. In order to make a determination of fault in your second degree burn injury settlement case in Greenville, SC, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer today.

Determining the Value of second Degree Burn Settlements in Greenville, South Carolina

There are several factors to consider when estimating the value of a second-degree burn injury settlement in Greenville, South Carolina. Here are some of the common issues which will be discussed with your Greenville SC personal injury attorney.

The Seriousness of the Burn. The burn’s level of severity is the primary concern. Second-degree burns which cover less than 10% of a body’s total surface area is usually considered to be a minor burn, but second-degree burn injuries covering a significant portion of a person’s body is a major injury which could result in disfigurement, pain, and sometimes disability. This type of burn injury will typically fetch a much larger burn injury settlement in Greenville, SC.

Medical Costs Associated with Treatment of the Second Degree Burn Injury. The next item to consider when estimating the value of your burn injury settlement is the total cost of treatment, including existing medical bills, cost of future medical services, and loss of wages. These can be backed up by documentation from your doctors and employer, and future costs can be estimated with the help of your doctor, occupational therapist, psychotherapist, physical therapist, and so on.

How and Where the Burn Injury Was Suffered. In addition to the medical facts surrounding your second-degree burn injury in Greenville, SC, your personal injury lawyer will want to consider how and where the burn was inflicted. The answer to these questions will usually determine the level of negligence that the at-fault party is guilty of. If the burn injury is caused by a non-avoidable accident, for instance, this will likely result in a lower burn injury settlement than a burn caused by a foreseeable and avoidable danger.

The Availability of Punitive Damages in Your Burn Injury Settlement. Depending upon the facts of your burn injury case, it may be found that the at-fault party was grossly negligent, or acted out of malice. In these cases, defendants are usually found to be more culpable than in cases of simple negligence. In these cases, the victim of a burn injury in Greenville, SC can be entitled to punitive damages.

Reach Out to a Greenville Burn Injury Lawyer Today to Discuss Burn Settlements

If you have suffered a second-degree burn injury and believe you may be entitled to injury compensation, don’t delay. Contact a Greenville burn injury lawyer at Fulton & Barr today and let us help you get the largest possible second-degree burn injury settlement!