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Safety Tips for Cyclists in Greenville

Safety Tips for Cyclists Cyclists have a right to share the road with drivers, but often times these rights are taken away because of a careless motorist. A bike accident can strike at any time, severely injuring a cyclist that was obeying the laws of the road the whole time. A South Carolina auto accident attorney can help you in these types of crash cases.

One of the main reasons that a bike accident occurs with a cyclist is because drivers do not know the laws for bike riders. They may feel like you do not share the same rights as a vehicle driver and think that you have no right to ride on the same streets as their car.

Other drivers may ignore cyclists or not see them at all. This can easily lead to a bike accident where injuries occur. As a cyclist, you deserve to ride on the streets and roadways. A South Carolina auto accident attorney can protect these rights and fight for justice in a bike crash.

While avoiding a bike accident as a cyclist is not always possible, you can do your part to reduce the possibility of it happening. Keep these safety tips in mind as a cyclist. They can prevent a bike accident and keep you safe when on the road.

  1. Wear light and bright colored clothing

Always wear light-colored clothes or bright-colored clothes made of reflective materials. This will make it easier to see you and can prevent a driver from hitting you while on your bike.

  1. Watch for open car doors

A common cause of bike accidents is open doors on vehicles. Without warning these doors can open and strike you when you are riding on the street. Keep a watchful eye out for open car doors to prevent injury in a bike accident.

  1. Make eye contact

Always make eye contact with a driver to ensure they see you and understand your intentions as a cyclist. This simple gesture can make sure that a driver knows that you are there, preventing them from crashing into you on the road. If you do not make eye contact with a driver, let them go ahead as it is not worth the accident that could happen.

  1. Use your hand signals

It is your responsibility as a cyclist to use your hand signals to turn and stop. These hand signals indicate to a driver where your next move will be so that they do not try to anticipate or guess where you might be going. This can make the difference if you or a driver are negligent for a bike crash.

  1. Exercise your right to take a lane

You do have a right as a cyclist to take the full lane of the road all to yourself. This is often a safer way to ride on the street rather than trying to fit between to vehicles that might not see you.

Let a Car Accident Attorney in South Carolina Help You?

As a cyclist, you do have a right to fight against a negligent vehicle driver that caused your accident. A car accident attorney in South Carolina can help you recover a settlement in a car crash that was not your fault. Your South Carolina auto accident attorney will fight for your legal rights as a cyclist.

Having a car accident lawyer in South Carolina on your side can ensure you get the compensation you deserve after a crash. They will represent you in your accident case and help you understand the laws for cyclists. Your South Carolina auto accident lawyer can answer all your questions and provide you with the legal advice you are looking for in your case.

Let your South Carolina auto accident attorney fight for you. They can win your case and provide you the settlement you need to pay for your medical bills. You may need bike repairs or replacement,. So, your car accident attorney in South Carolina can recover these damages in a car crash case. Your South Carolina auto accident lawyer will work for you and win your case.

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When involved in a car accident as a cyclist, you need the help of a South Carolina auto accident attorney that you can trust. The car accident attorneys at Fulton & Barr Attorneys at Law can help. They will fight for your legal rights as a cyclist and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. You do have rights as a cyclist, and the South Carolina auto accident attorneys at Fulton & Barr will help you win your case. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We are ready to assist you now.