Hit and Run Accident in Greenville, South Carolina

What to Do If You’re Hit: Hit and Run Accidents in South Carolina

A hit and run accident is what it sounds like: Someone hits an object, a person, or another vehicle with their vehicle and leaves the scene of the accident without identifying themselves before the police arrive.

Unfortunately, hit and runs aren’t all that uncommon. Sometimes the perpetrator is identified and arrested, as in this July motorcycle accident hit-and-run where a motorcycle driver was killed, and sometimes they aren’t, as in a June incident where a man was killed in the street and the driver was never identified.

The penalties for a perpetrator, if identified, can be severe. Accidents resulting in serious bodily injury can lead to a felony charge and up to 10 years in prison, and accidents resulting in death can lead to a felony charge and up to 25 years in prison. That’s what can happen to the driver in a hit and run; but what happens if you’re not the driver, but the victim?

What Should I Do After a Hit and Run Accident in Greenville?

Hit and Run Accident in Greenville, South Carolina

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If you’re hit and see that the driver who hit you isn’t stopping, you’ve got to act fast if you want to have any chance of identifying them. First, look at the vehicle as it drives away and gather as many details as you can on color, make, model, and anything else you notice. If you have time, you can even try to take a photo or short video with your smartphone. Next, ask the people in the area who witnessed the accident for their contact information. You can give that information, plus the details you gathered on the car, to the police when they arrive. Your insurance company may want that information, too. If the driver is identified, the claim will go on their car insurance (if they have any).

What if you weren’t in your car when it was hit? For instance, you come back to your car in a parking garage and discover damage caused by another car – what do you do? You can still ask people in the area if they saw what happened, or, if it’s in an area with video surveillance, police officers may be able to obtain the relevant video. If the driver is never identified, expect to file an uninsured claim with your insurance.

Either way, report the incident to both the police and your insurance company. Your car insurance may require notification within 24 hours, so don’t delay. It’s also smart to talk to a personal injury attorney to find out what your rights and options are. You can also speak to an attorney on behalf of a family member who has been killed in a hit and run.

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