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Can I Get Fired from My Job If I’m on Workers’ Comp?

Greenville workers comp lawyer Workers’ compensation protects employees hurt on the job. Unfortunately, the process to receive benefits through workers comp is complex and hard to follow. For many employees, it is a frustratingly long process. It often does not produce the results you are looking for in your case. You need help from a Greenville workers comp lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Many times, employees are frightened that they will lose their job because they filed a workers comp claim. They may not file an injury report and suffer unnecessarily just because they were scared to lose their job.

According to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, all employees’ jobs are protected when filing a workers comp claim. This means that you will not lose your job as a result of your injuries. You will not lose your job as a result of filing a claim with your employer.

You have a right to workers comp benefits when injured in a workplace accident. It is your duty, however, to report your injuries to your employer as soon as possible after the accident. If at fault for the accident, your employer cannot fire you. Workers comp covers all injuries regardless of fault.

There are times when an employer may try to fight your workers comp benefits. When this occurs, you need a Greenville workers comp attorney on your side to help you with your case. They will fight for your legal right to receive workers comp because of a workplace injury.

Greenville Workers Comp Attorney on Your Side

When you decide to work with a Greenville workers comp lawyer, you receive the legal support you need. You will have a better chance of getting the maximum compensation offered by the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. This will ensure you have the funds to pay for your medical bills. You can continue to recover without worry.

You will also receive workers comp benefits for your lost wages. This will provide you with a means to support yourself through your recovery. Your Greenville workers comp attorney will help you file your injury claim accurately and in a timely manner. You don’t miss the deadline for filing.

If you receive a denied claim, your Greenville workers comp lawyer can help you through the complex hearing process. They will provide you with documentation and evidence of your injuries. They will help you fight against an employer that is denying your injury claim.

You may have been severely injured or disfigured because of a workplace accident. If so, you have a right to file a lawsuit against your employer. This is in addition to the workers comp benefits you will receive.

Workers’ compensation must be provided by every employer that has four or more employees. This includes both part- and full-time staff members. Workers comp is to protect employees injured on the job. You are no exception. You deserve workers’ compensation benefits. Your workers’ compensation lawyer in Greenville, SC, can get this compensation for you.

Your Greenville workers comp attorney knows the law concerning workers’ compensation. They will help guide you through the process of receiving your benefits. They can provide you the answers you are looking for about your injury claim and get compensation in a timely fashion.

Do not wait to speak to a Greenville workers comp lawyer. The sooner you discuss your injury case with them, the sooner you will receive your workers comp benefits. Do not delay your claim. Ask your worker compensation lawyer how you can file with the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission as soon as possible.

You can rely on your Greenville workers comp attorney to develop a legal strategy to help you obtain your benefits. They provide the legal assistance you need to get compensation. Speak to your Greenville workers’ comp lawyer today.

Contact a Greenville Workers Comp Lawyer

If injured in a workplace accident, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Greenville, SC, to help you. The Greenville workers comp attorneys at Fulton & Bass Associates At Law can take your case. They can file your workers comp claim and represent you during any hearings of denial. They will get you the workers’ compensation benefits. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We are ready to assist you.