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If you want to get where you need to be as conveniently as possible, Uber is a great choice. But if you’re injured in the process, the path forward toward recovery can be long and difficult. Obtaining the compensation to which you’re entitled is critical, so working closely with an experienced Greenville, South Carolina, Uber accident attorney is always advised.

Your Uber Accident Claim

If you’re injured as the result of an Uber driver’s negligence, you’ll file your claim with Uber’s insurance provider, the driver’s insurance provider, or both. Understanding when each of these applies can help make the process more manageable. Consider the following basics:

Uber Accidents

Uber drivers shoulder significant responsibilities that include all the following:

Any form of negligence on the Uber driver’s part, including distraction, excess speed, or exhaustion, can lead to a dangerous accident.

Your Losses

The losses you experience as a result of an Uber accident can include:

It’s important that when your Uber accident claim is filed, the full range of covered losses is carefully outlined. Your trusted Uber accident attorney will make sure this happens.

An Experienced Greenville Uber Accident Attorney Can Help

The formidable Uber accident attorneys at Fulton Barr Attorneys At Law in Greenville, South Carolina, appreciate how important your Uber accident claim is to your future and will fight tirelessly to reach a settlement that fairly addresses your losses. For more information about what we can do to help you, contact us online or call 864-235-3154 today.

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