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While there are a lot of dangerous and distracted drivers out there, drunk drivers are among the deadliest. In the State of South Carolina, if you’re injured by a driver who is found to be over the legal limit of .08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC), that can be a deciding factor when it comes to proving their fault and responsibility in your car accident claim. If you’ve been injured by an impaired driver, you need an experienced Greenville, South Carolina, DUI accident attorney in your corner.

The Statistics

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) shares the following dire statistics regarding drunk driving in the United States:

The .08 percent legal limit is not a magic dividing line that separates sober drivers from drunk drivers. In South Carolina, motorists whose driving is affected by the consumption of alcohol can be ticketed for DUI even if they don’t reach that legal limit.

The Elements of Your Claim

To bring a successful car accident claim, you must prove that the other driver failed to live up to their responsibility for your safety. Being under the influence of alcohol is a clear breach of this duty of care owed. The additional elements of your claim include that the driver’s negligence was the direct cause of the accident that left you injured, and that you suffered losses that are recognized by the law as a result.

The legal damages – or losses you experience as a result of the other driver’s negligence, such as impairment – can include all the following:

Ensuring that your complete damages are well represented is pivotal to your ability to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

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