Walking You Through the Process, Step by Step

For many clients, when they bring their case to Fulton & Barr, it’s the one and only time they may ever need an attorney’s help. This is especially true for clients seeking compensation in personal injury lawsuits. Even in the best of circumstances, being involved in a lawsuit can be a long and stressful process. When it’s your only time, everything is new.

Because of this, the attorney and support team at Fulton & Barr make it a priority to educate and empower their clients as they work with them. Clients are taken through the process step by step from the beginning so they always know what’s happening and how their case is progressing. Johnnie Fulton and Andrew C. Barr take pride in fostering close, personal relationships with every client. Not only does that give their clients a better experience, but they’ve found that it helps attain successful outcomes.

Speak With an Attorney From Day One

Attorneys Fulton and Barr also believe in “speaking with an attorney from Day 1.” At many law firms, you spend most of your time communicating about your case with support staff rather than attorneys. At Fulton & Barr, you will speak with Johnnie Fulton or Andrew C. Barr from the beginning. Along with their stellar support staff, you’ll have the communication and responsiveness you need in a law firm.

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